Fenton Candleholders

#314 in Celeste blue.

#316 in Velva Rose (note stem - late variety).

#316 in dark Wistaria (sic) (note stem - early variety).

#317 in Tangerine.

#318 in Tangerine.

#1502 in Florentine Green (these are merely the #318 with the diamond optic pattern).

#1503 in Topaz (these are also the #318 with a spiral optic pattern).

#315 variant (note rim of base) in Persian Pearl.

#315 in Topaz.

#1623 "twin dolphin", in Velva Rose, Florentine Green, Aquamarine, and Wistaria (sic).

#249 in Florentine Green.

#232 in Celeste Blue.

#449, 8 1/2-inch tall, in Florentine Green.

#449, cut ovals in Wisteria.

#349, 10 1/2-inch tall, in Wistaria (sic).

#549, 8 1/4-inch tall, in Grecian Gold.

#649, 9-inch tall, in Wistaria (sic).

#749, 12-inch tall in topaz.

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#1673 candle vase in Florentine Green (4 1/2-inch base, 7 1/4-inch tall).

#950 candleholders, "cornucopia" (2 1/2 x 4-inch base, 6-inch tall).

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