Fenton Compotes

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#1532A, twin dolphin, oval compote in Florentine Green (3-inch base). See Dolphins Page.

#1533A, twin dolphin, square compote in Tangerine (3 1/2-inch base). See Dolphins Page.

#8, flared crimped in Florentine Green [made from #8 candy jar] (3 1/8-inch base).

#9, oval in Ruby [made from #9 candy jar] (3 1/2-inch base).

#736, flared cupped compote in Persian Pearl (3 3/4-inch base).

"Stippled Rays" compote in Florentine Green (3 1/8-inch base).

#712 compote in Celeste Blue (3 1/4-inch base).

#1536 compote, flared, in Velva Rose (ribbed stem, 3 3/8-inch base).

#260 compote, flared, in Velva Rose (six-sided stem, 3 1/2-inch base).

#917 compote, flared cupped, in Celeste Blue (4 1/8-inch base).

"High standard" compote, flared cupped, in Florentine Green (5-inch base).

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NOT Compotes, but commonly stated as such!

#231 footed bowl, cupped in Celeste Blue (5 1/4-inch base).

#857 footed bowl ("melon rib"), rolled rim, in Aquamarine (the #847 bowls are smaller) (4-inch base).

#550 footed bowl, wide flared, in Velva Rose (six-sided foot, 4-inch base).

#643 salver in Wistaria (sic) (made from the covered bon bon base) (3 1/2-inch base).

#1043 salver in Velva Rose (made from the covered bon bon base) (3 7/8-inch base).

#103 sherbet in Grecian Gold (2 1/2-inch base).

#923 mayonnaise and ladle in Tangerine (3 3/4-inch base). NOTE: mayos have flat rims and master nut dishes have flared rims.

#923 master nut dish and individual cups in Topaz (occasionally the cups are listed as "miniature" compotes!) (3 3/4-inch base for the master, 1 1/2-inch for the cups). NOTE: master nut dishes have flared rims, mayos have flat rims.

The bases of candy jars and covered bonbons are also sold as "compotes." Don't be fooled!

#635 candy jar in Wistaria (sic) (3 1/4-inch base).

#636 candy jar in Persian Pearl (3 7/8-inch base).

#835 candy jar in Aquamarine (3-inch base).

#735 candy jar in Celeste Blue (3 3/4-inch base).

#643 covered bon bon in Wistaria (sic) (3 1/2-inch base).

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