Fenton Miscellaneous Pieces

(serving pieces - creamer/sugars, mayos, nut cups, parfaits, salvers, sherbets, etc.; baskets; pin/toothpick holders; flower pots; smoking items - ash trays, cigarette holders, etc.)

Sugar and Creamer Sets (#2 is blown molded, #3 is press molded, #1502 is the same as #3 but with a diamond optic interior, and there is a rib optic set which has not been yet associated with a number).

#2 sugar & creamer sets in Florentine Green, Celeste Blue, Persian Pearl, Tangerine and Grecian Gold with cobalt handles (except for the Tangerine set) (3 1/2-inch & 3 1/8-inch bases).

#3 sugar & creamer sets in Topaz, Persian Pearl, Velva Rose and Tangerine (2 1/2-inch bases).

#1502 sugar & creamer, diamond optic, in Celeste Blue (2 1/2-inch bases) [courtesy J. Madeley].

#?? sugar & creamer, rib optic, in Topaz (1 3/4-inch bases) [courtesy J. Madeley].

Mayonnaise Sets, Nut Sets & Salts - Fenton mayonnaise dishes have a flat rim and the ladles are iridized. The same mold was used to make the master nut dishes (see below) which have rounded, flared rims. The #923 comes in plain and with a Laurel Leaf decoration. The individual salts are made from the individual nut dishes being wide flared.

#923 mayonnaise & ladles in Topaz, Celeste Blue, Persian Pearl, Persian Pearl with Royal Crest (cobalt blue), Velva Rose, and Tangerine (note flat rim) (3 3/4-inch base).

Close up of "Laurel Leaf" design in Topaz mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise, oval shape, & ladle in Florentine Green (3 3/4-inch base).

Mayonnaise & ladle with "Laurel Leaf" Design in Topaz.

#923 nut cup sets - master nut dish with individual cups - (note flared tops) in Topaz and Celeste Blue (3 5/8-inch & 1 1/2-inch bases).

#923 salts in Topaz, Florentine Green & Grecian Gold (note wide flared top) (1 1/2-inch base).

#923 individual nut cups in Florentine Green & Velva Rose (one decorated) (1 1/2-inch base).

Parfaits are footed dishes (#574) which are commonly called compotes and even crimped vases. Fenton's #574 parfait comes in two forms, one raised up and the other more widely flared. The same mold was used to make a candy jar and several other vase shapes.

#574 parfaits in Florentine Green, Topaz, Persian Pearl, Velva Rose & Tangerine (3-inch base).

#574 parfait, wide flared, in Tangerine & Aquamarine (3-inch base).

Salvers and Card Trays are made from covered bonbon bases. Salvers have upturned or downturned rims while the card trays have straight rims.

#643 Salvers, cupped rim, in Florentine Green, Topaz, Velva Rose, Wistaria (sic) & Aquamarine (3 1/2-inch base).

#643 Card trays, flat rims, in Florentine Green, Topaz & Wistaria (sic) (3 1/2-inch base).

#1043 salvers, cupped rim, in Velva Rose & Tangerine (3 7/8-inch base).

#1043 salvers, rolled rim, in Celeste Blue & Velva Rose (3 7/8-inch base).

#1043 Card tray in Tangerine (3 7/8-inch base).

Sherbets - Fenton's sherbets are often confused with those made by Diamond. Fenton's products usually have a more flared top and there are differences in the size of the ring on the bottom of the cup. Fenton also made two types of sherbet plates, one with a central ring and one with an offset ring, both of which have ground bases.

#?? sherbet, oval top, in Celeste Blue (2 1/2-inch base).

#103 Sherbets in Florentine Green, Celeste Blue, Persian Pearl with a Royal Crest (cobalt blue), Grecian Gold, Wistaria (sic) & Ruby (1 1/2-inch base).

#103 sherbet & under plate (has central ring) in Persian Pearl (plate has cobalt crest).

#103 sherbets & under plates (offset ring) in Florentine Green, Topaz, Grecian Gold & Wistaria (sic) (sherbet - 2 1/2-inch base; plate 4 3/8-inch ground base ).

Baskets - Fenton's stretch glass baskets have attached handles rather than applied or molded handles. Most have the diamond optic pattern and come in two sized, one with a 3 1/2-inch base and the larger ones with 3 3/4-inch bases. A rare #1620 "Plymouth" pattern basket is known in Persian Pearl.

#1616 basket, diamond optic, in Aquamarine (3 1/2-inch base, snapped up).

#16?? basket, diamond optic in Florentine Green (3 3/4-inch base, ground).

#16?? basket, diamond optic, in Velva Rose (3 3/4-inch base, ground).

#1620 "Plymouth" basket in Persian Pearl (3 3/4-inch base) [courtesy J. Madeley].

Pen Holders are what Fenton called these little footed cups. Most collectors consider them toothpick holders today! They are always desirable items, for carnival as well as iridescent stretch glass collectors!

Close up of pen holder.

Pen holder,or toothpick, (at same relative size as other items on this page!) in Wistaria (sic) (1 1/2-inch base).

Pen holders in Florentine Green and Celeste Blue.

Flower Pots come in two different sizes and they all have rough surface holes in the bottoms. Apparently a peg was placed in the mold which makes an indentation where the hole is located, but the remaining glass has to be punched out after finishing and cooling. These pots also should come with a pot plate which may have a snap base or ground base.

#1554 flower pot and under-plate in Velva Rose (3 1/8-inch & 4 1/4-inch bases).

#1554 flower pot base showing drain hole.

Flower pots in Florentine Green, Celeste Blue and Tangerine.

Smoking Items made by Fenton consist of two types of cigarette holders (rectangular and round), a cigarette box (often with acid etch or cut decoration), and an ash tray which should have four little inserts.

#556 cigarette holder, rectangular, in Florentine Green (4 3/4-inch base).

#554 cigarette holder, round, in Velva Rose (4 3/4-inch base).

#655 cigarette boxes, plain, in Florentine Green & Celeste Blue (3 3/8 x 4 3/8-inch).

#655 decorated cigarette boxes, Florentine Green with cut and etched design, Celeste Blue with etched design & Celeste Blue with etched and enamel design.

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#202 ash trays with inserts in Celeste Blue. Note that one on right has a metal band and metal match holder placed on the glass peg.

#202 ash tray, missing inserts (5), in Topaz (5-inch base).

Other Items include a Ginger Jar which has only been seen in Persian Pearl, epergnes which have all been made since 1970 and various bells, also made since 1970.

4-horn epergne in Ocean Blue (recent Fenton piece).

Bell, crimped top, in dark purple (made for Levay in 1976).

Ginger jar without lid in Persian Pearl, note notched foot of proper base.