Fenton Servers, Cheese & Cracker Sets, etc.

Server, handled, oval, in Tangerine (8 1/4 x 10 1/2-inch).

#318 butter ball tray, round, in Florentine Green (6 1/2-inch wide).

#318 butter ball tray, oval, in Velva Rose with decoration (5 3/4 x 7-inch wide).

#1557 butter ball tray, dolphin handled, in Velva Rose (6 1/2-inch wide).

#317 handled server, etched design with gold paint, in Celeste Blue (3 1/2-inch base).

#317 handled server in Velva Rose.

#317 handled server in Florentine Green.

#317 handled server in Grecian Gold.

#317 handled server in Topaz.

#317 handled server in Tangerine.

#317 handled server, cupped for fruit tray in Celeste Blue.

#Dolphin handled server in Wisteria (1999 Stretch Glass Society club piece).

#1502A dolphin handled server, diamond optic, in Aquamarine (3 1/4-inch base).

#66 lemon tray in Topaz with paint decoration (4 7/8-inch wide).

#66 lemon tray in Celeste Blue (4 7/8-inch wide).

#66 lemon tray in Florentine Green (4 7/8-inch wide).

#66 lemon tray in Velva Rose (4 7/8-inch wide).

Cheese & Cracker Sets consist of a thick plate with a central ring in which a cheese dish is placed.

#316 Cheese & Cracker Sets in Florentine Green, Topaz, Celeste Blue and Velva Rose (dish - 3 1/4-inch base; plate - 4 1/2-inch ground base, 10-inch wide).

Close up of a Cheese & Cracker set with Laurel Leaf design, in Celeste Blue. Note that the design is on the plate and in the dish.

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Sweet Meat Sets are often called relish trays by collectors. The central dish is the same that is used in cheese & cracker sets. These sets are rather difficult to find.

#1647 Sweet Meat Sets in Topaz, Topaz with metal trim & Celeste Blue (dish - 3 3/8-inch base, plate - 3 1/2-inch ground base).