U.S. Glass Bowls

US Glass made a large number of bowls, many of which are in the various lines (e.g., #310, #314, & #8076-open work) that are discussed more completely on other pages. US Glass made many bowls, especially the wide based bowls with low rims and ground bases (i.e., stuck up). Most of these low bowls have optic panels. Ground bases and panels usually means U.S. Glass! Many other bowls had ground bases or normal snap bases. On this page, these wide footed and non-patterned bowls are presented. Be sure to check the pages with the #310, #314, unidentified rays, and open work pieces for more extensive examples.

US Glass often used the term "low footed comport" to refer to pieces that other compaines called low footed bowls. In their catalog pages, they usually used the term "comport" rather than compote. See the Comport Page.

Mayonnaise bowl and under-plate set in Topaz (3-inch base, 4 1/4-inch wide bowl; 3 1/4-inch base, 6 1/8-inch plate; ground bottoms).

#179, shallow cupped bowl with 12 optic panels in topaz with black enamel trim (4 3/4-inch ground base, 6 1/4-inch wide).

Shallow cupped bowl with panels in Topaz (6 7/8-inch ground base, 9 1/4-inch wide).

Shallow, wide flared bowl with panels in a light cobalt blue (6 3/4-inch ground base, 11 3/4-inches wide).

Shallow flared bowl with panels in blue (7 1/8-inch ground base, 11 1/2-inches wide).

#179 bowl, flared in green (2 7/8-inch snap base, 9-inch wide).

#8098 (& #179) bowl, flared in Pearl Blue (4 3/4-inch snap base, 10 1/2-inch wide, see base below).

#8098 (& #179) bowl, flared and raised in Topaz (4 3/4-inch snap base, 11 7/8-inch wide, see base below).

#8089 (& #179) bowl, cupped in Topaz (4 3/4-inch snap base, 8 3/4-inch wide, see base below).

The #8098 bowl is quite obtainable and can be found in many colors, but few are given the stretch treatment. Most are not iridized or have a satin finish.

#151 low footed comport, flared in crystal (5 1/8-inch base, narrow stem, 10-inch wide). Some companies call these low footed bowls, but the U.S. Glass catalog pages show them as comports (see base at right)

This #151 low footed comport almost always has this round bump within the base.

#151 low footed comport, flared with Cumula enamel design (5-inch base, wide stem, 10 1/2-inch wide). This wider based foot certainly looks like a low-footed bowl, but the U.S. Glass catalog pages show this item as a comport.

#314 bowl, flared, flat rim, in Topaz (3 1/2-inch ground base, 9 1/2-inch wide). (See: US 314 Pieces)

#179 VASE, flared in light blue (3 3/4-inch base, 7 1/8-wide). There are two different sizes of these vases and when they are flared, rolled rim or flat topped, they are commonly mistaken for bowls. (See: US Glass Vases)

#310 bowl, flared in green (3 3/4-inch snap base, 9 7/8-inch wide). There are many #310 bowls. (See: US 310 Pieces)

"Unidentified Ray" bowl, flared in amber (3 1/4-inch ground base, 10-inch wide). There are two basic sizes of these bowls (3 1/4 and 3 5/8-inch bases) with flared or cupped rims. (See: US Unidentified Ray Pieces)

#8076 "open work" bowl, rolled rim in blue (3 1/4-inch ground base, 10 1/4-inch wide). These bowls come in two sizes (2 1/4 and 3 1/4-inch bases). (See: US Glass Open Work Pieces)

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