U.S. Glass Candleholders

U.S. Glass made only a few candleholders. Most notably, they made a trumpet shaped candle holder that may or may not have optic rays within the base. This form can have the foot flared or flattened and cupped. They paired their #310 candle holders with other #310 pieces as well as the unidentified ray pieces (at least in color for console sets). The twist-stem candleholders are highly desireable, but obtainable. The small candle holders are often mistaken for Fenton production, but the U.S. Glass ones have octagonal bases.

#94 in green (3.625-inch base, 1.5-inch tall).

#94 in pink (3.625-inch base, 1.5-inch tall).

#151 trumpet shape, in pink slag (coral) (4.25-inch base, 8.75-inch tall).

#151 trumpet shape, in Pearl Blue (light blue slag) (4.25-inch base, 8.75-inch tall).

#151 wide base, in blue (note optic rays) (5-inch base, 7.75-inch tall).

#151 wide base, in crystal (note optic rays) (5-inch base, 7.75-inch tall).

#315, "bell twist" in Topaz (5-inch base, 9.5-inch tall).

Unidentified candleholder, possibly U.S. Glass, in Topaz (4.75-inch base, 8-inch tall).

"Twist-bobeche" in crystal (4.375-inch base, 9.375-inch tall).

#310 in opaque yellow (5.25-inch base, 9-inch tall).

#310 in blue (5.25-inch base, 9-inch tall).

#310 in opaque (5.25-inch base, 9-inch tall).

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