U.S. Glass Miscellaneous Pieces

As with most of the major stretch glass manufacturers, U.S. Glass made an interesting array of miscellaneous table ware including: sherbets, mayonnaise bowls (often referred to as whipped cream sets in their catalog pages), candy jars, covered relish jars, handled servers, cheese and cracker sets, and a creamer and sugar set. While they illustrate colognes (perfumes), vanity puff boxes and handled baskets in catalog pages from the period, non of these have been found with the iridescent stretch treatment. commonly confused with the plates of other makers. Water sets are also not known in stretch.

Sherbet and underplate in crystal and black enamel decoration (plate: 2.875-inch ground base, 5.25-inch wide; sherbet: 2.75-inch base, 3.25-inch wide, 3.125-inch tall).

Sherbet in blue (2.75-inch base, 3.25-inch wide, 3.125-inch tall).

Sherbet (optic panels) in blue (2.625-inch base, 3.75-inch wide, 4.5-inch tall).

Sherbet (optic panels) in crystal (2.625-inch base, 3.75-inch wide, 4.5-inch tall).

Sherbet (optic panels) in Topaz (2.625-inch base, 3.75-inch wide, 4.5-inch tall).

Sherbets or wine glasses, tall stem (optic panels) in pink and blue (2.625-inch base, 3.5-inch wide, 5.5-inch tall).

Unidentified rays and points sherbets in opaque green (showing color variation) (2.75-inch base, 4.625-inch wide).

Sherbets in opaque yellow (note rays, but no points - flat rim) (2.625-inch base, 3.75 to 4.0-inch wide).

#314 sherbet & underplate in Cumula decoration (2.875-base, 4.5-inch wide; plate - 3.25-inch ground base, 6-inch wide - no rays).

#314 sherbet in topaz (2.875-base, 4.5-inch wide).

#314 mayo in light blue (3.5-inch base, 6.5-inch wide).

#314 mayo & ladle in Cumula decoration (3.5-inch base, 6.5-inch wide; ladle - 5.125-inch long).

#314 mayo in olive green (3.5-inch base, 7-inch wide).

#314 mayo with yellow Pomona decoration (3.5-inch base, 6.75-inch wide).

#315, "bell twist" in Topaz (5-inch base, 9.5-inch tall).

Unidentified rays and points, mayonnaise or comport, low-footed in amber (3.625-inch base, 6-inch wide, 4.125-inch tall).

#314 mayo in pruple (3.5-inch base, 6.5-inch wide).

#314 low footed comport (mayo?) in light blue (3.25-inch base, 5.5-inch wide).

310 low footed comport (mayonnaise) in pink ( -inch base, -inch wide).

#310, three-footed bowl in pink (mayonnaise) (6-inch wide), with ground marie.

Unidentified rays and points, small footed dish in amber (2.75-inch base, 5.25-inch wide, 2.125-inch tall).

#310 cheese and cracker dist in pink (plate: 5.375-inch ground base, 9.75-inch wide; dish: 3.25-inch base, 4.75-inch wide).

#310 sugar and creamer set in opaque yellow (sugar: 3.625-inch base, 3.375-inch top, 2.5-inch tall; creamer: 3-inch base, 4-inch tall).

#310 covered candy jar in blue (3.75-inch base, 7-inch wide, 8-inch high).

314 candy jar in olive green (3.375-base, 3.375-inch wide, 9.5-inch tall).

314 candy jar in purple (3.375-base, 3.375-inch wide, 9.5-inch tall).

310 handled server in green (3.75-inch base, 10-inch wide).

#310 handled server in pink (3.75-inch base, 10-inch wide).

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